Auchindrain Museum

We went to Auchindrain Museum to see the houses and how people lived in the olden days because our school topic is Our Heritage.

We saw the new house which is already about 75years old!  The owner of Auchindrain is called Catty Cat and he looks after Auchindrain.  (He is a cat)

We had a look at the Wise woman's house - she made people better by using herbs and some poisonous plants, but by using a little bit of them it made people better.

The word for for Wise woman and old lady is the same in Gaelic and it means witch.


Mary's Meals Back packs

The pupils in Achahoish Primary School have chosen Mary’s Meals as their charity to support.  When we are involved in any fundraising activities we always try to include something for Mary’s Meals.  Mary’s Meals helps children in places like Malawi and Liberia have one healthy meal a day and to go to school.

Sumdog challenge

In November the whole of Argyll & Bute schools were set a Sumdog challenge. 

We use Sumdog in class to challenge our mental maths ability and increase speed of calculating. Sumdog has helped us to explore different maths problems in a fun way. 


The official results were published on the Sumdog website and emailed to the schools.


These are the results for the classes in your school who entered:


Students played 



Achahoish class





Christmas Fayre

On 9th December 2017 we held our Christmas Fayre at Ormsary Hall.

We all enjoyed it and raised over £250.


It was quite a snowy day but still people came.  We had a few stalls and they all did quite well.


Our pupil council representatives had a nearly new stall and raised money for the SSPCA, which is a charity that the local pupil council is supporting this year.

Beach clean

Today we did our beach clean.  We went to the beach opposite the school.  Some parents and grandparents came along to help.  We didn't manage to clean the whole beach as we ran out of time but we did collect 18 and a half kilos of rubbish.  We think it is important to keep our beaches clean so that we can play on them and animals don't get hurt by all the rubbish.

Mary's Meals and Blarbuie woods

Tuesday 23 of May 2017


Our class went on a trip to Mary’s Meals.  We found out that they feed 1 million hungry children a day. All the clothes, books and toys get sorted in a room before they get sold.  All knives and sharp objects are taken to the police to be destroyed. They gave the Oban charity shop the backpack project – which will allow children to be sent a backpack full of stationery, towels, a toothbrush and toothpaste. It made us feel very lucky and we want to help these children.

Blarbuie Picnic area design

Great news.


Achahoish Primary School pupils are pleased to announce that "WE WON". On Tuesday 23rd May we will be visiting the area to look at where our ideas will be created.  We will also work with the Outdoor Learning group on some conservation activities and be presented with a winners cheque. 


Watch this space for photos and report.

Achahoish Coffee Afternoon

On 31st March we held a coffee afternoon to raise some money for Mary's Meals and for school.  For school we sold some of our tea towels and cards.

The other stalls had guess Douglas' birthday, lots of yummy cakes, a raffle, guess how many stones were in the jar.

We also displayed some of our Flight toic work to share with people.


Lots of people came and really enjoyed our buns and biscuits.


It was also a sad occasion as we were saying goodbye to one of the boys because he is moving.  


Kilmartin Viking Workshop


On Wednesday 14th March we went to Kilmartin museum for the Viking work shop.  When we arrived Madeleine told us about how the bones were found. It was interesting that the dog picked up one of the bones and ran off with it.  The skeleton was found on Colonsay. 

After that we went in to groups of 3.  One of us lay down on a piece of paper and we drew around them then we drew their skeleton. We put the names of the bones on the outline of Ross.

Some of our questions were - was it a he or a she?  Did s/he get poisoned?


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