Kilmartin Viking Workshop


On Wednesday 14th March we went to Kilmartin museum for the Viking work shop.  When we arrived Madeleine told us about how the bones were found. It was interesting that the dog picked up one of the bones and ran off with it.  The skeleton was found on Colonsay. 

After that we went in to groups of 3.  One of us lay down on a piece of paper and we drew around them then we drew their skeleton. We put the names of the bones on the outline of Ross.

Some of our questions were - was it a he or a she?  Did s/he get poisoned?

Later Madeleine showed us the skeleton and said that the skull on one side was lighter than the other because half was in the sand, so it did not get any sun light.  The other was in the sun so it lightened up. The teeth in the skull were in surprisingly healthy considering Vikings did not have tooth paste. We also got the replica of a skeleton and we got to put some of it together and took measurements of the legs.  Scientists can tell how tall a person is by the length of their lower leg bones.  


I really enjoyed the day there and would like to go back.