Mary's Meals and Blarbuie woods

Tuesday 23 of May 2017


Our class went on a trip to Mary’s Meals.  We found out that they feed 1 million hungry children a day. All the clothes, books and toys get sorted in a room before they get sold.  All knives and sharp objects are taken to the police to be destroyed. They gave the Oban charity shop the backpack project – which will allow children to be sent a backpack full of stationery, towels, a toothbrush and toothpaste. It made us feel very lucky and we want to help these children.

Then we walked up to Blarbuie woods where we met Peter who took us on a walk. Along the way he told us to look for some pottery animals - we found almost all of them. We played a game where each of us had card with a word on it like slimy, then we would have to find a thing that was slimy! As we walked up we found a stone carving of a fox. Then we played another game called Animal, Plant or Element. It was really fun!

There was a competition in The Squeak (Argyllshire Advertiser) to design the best picnic area for Blarbuie Woods and we won! We were presented with a £100 cheque in the polytunnel in the woods, yesterday! What a great day we had!