World Book Day

On Thursday we dressed up for World Book Day.

In the morning we chose activities to do: We could choose from a word search based on Roald Dahl (P3-6), making character finger puppets, listening to story cd's, making Top Trump cards using Mr Men books or making mini books.  We had a great time.

In the afternoon we had a short french story read to us then we went in the hall and made reading dens.  When we finished we got in and read our reading books or other stories.


It was very hot in there.

Bird workshop

Madeleine from Kilmatin Museum came to talk to us about different types of birds and how they fly.

We played a true/false game where we had to decide if the fact that Madeleine read out was true or false.  Some of the questions were: you have to be heavy to fly or all birds have the same wingspan.

We got the chance to look at some bird samples, two owls, a sparrow hawk and a golden eagle.  We were really excited to see them, but especially the golden eagle because we had been learning facts about it.


When we visited the library we took out a book about optical illusions which we all liked.  Optical illusions are where your brain is getting a different message from your eyes so the picture changes.


Back in school, at playtime we decided to make our own optical illusions.

Achahoish Gets Blogging!


We are very excited to have our very own class blog. This is the place that we will share our learning so that you can find out what we get up to in school! Please let Mrs Firth know what information about our learning and daily routines you would like to read about. Preparing items for this blog will form part of our literacy and technology lessons, so it is a very important part of our lessons this session. Keep checking for updates!


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